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NATO Warriors  -  A Multi-Gaming PC Clan with extra spice!
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Scell   registered to NATO Warriors
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Pand3m0nium   bald headed cunt.
NATO Warriors has reached a new record of 40 registered users today!
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Stallion   ooooooo hit it again nice
Stallion   and again
Merkul   registered to NATO Warriors
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Stallion   created a new thread Parenting done right in the PC Section (PC Technician) forum
Pand3m0nium And if a nice road trip with your mates will only cost you like 200 euro's, but you can't afford that because you are buying a house: YOU ARE A POOR SCRUB.
Pand3m0nium the retard is strong in some people
Pand3m0nium Using a 1080ti, un-installing the air-cooling unit (and thus voiding the warranty), installing a 100 euro waterblock, overclocking said gpu is pretty epic

Wrecking said gpu while overclocking, and having a none-return policy bite you in the ass, is shitty...

doing it all so you can play BF1/PUBG/ARK/DOOM on 1080P at 30189786897634 fps... Priceless...
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Pand3m0nium 2 weeks to pay up peeps... it's (for most of you) close to 100 euro (or 143 pounds) to pay up to secure our spot at the luxurious Schaapskooi! Pay up to Ben!
Pand3m0nium May 31st... Vega RX (AMD top tier card) announcement has been made. Do or die time for AMD. They either surpass 1080ti by a solid 10%, or go home. Vega RX is "supposed" to be competitive with NVidia Volta!

Not holding my breath tho :)
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Stallion   i really hope they do overtake 1080ti
Pand3m0nium Black Sails final season is up on Kodi.... afk
Pand3m0nium Just remember that NATO BBQ is soon (tm)
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floppyjoost   registered to NATO Warriors
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Pand3m0nium For those actually wanting to play ME:A before official thursday release, google SoftEther VPN. Download, install and set to South-Korea (I know Lee; it's the inferiour Korea). You can play as early as tonight after midnight!
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ruggerz   Reported to EA for 1337skills
Pand3m0nium   Ruggerz the fruity retard doesn't know how to interwebz, since EA are unofficially not caring and are vocal about that.
Pand3m0nium   This game is tech-wise, and gameplay-wise, the same as Dragon Age: inquisition. The funky animation stuff; it happened in ME:2 and 3 as well, as in DA:I. The gameplay is next-level. It's the best I've seen in a Bioware title.
Pand3m0nium it really gives me joy seeing Ben online, playing Witcher... Lelle playing rust... Dave playing Smite... Stan playing EU4... and tank playing world of tanks... Both Motlow and toryk were hovering around in the channel as well...

But still NO ONE tuned in to discord
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Stallion   awww pandy wants to hear my dorsal tone
Stallion   published Forums For Star Citizen Has Moved! on news blog
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