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Pand3m0nium We got a reply from the land-retard

He is refunding us 160 (give or take) euro's from the deposit, we didn't pay...
He is well overpricing us for pretty much everything: table (80 euro), neighbours flowers (35 euro) and remote control (45 euro).

Just before he sent me that message he went and gave me a negative review on I could do with a certain Jew, that would make both his home for sale dissapear from the webz, as his Homeaway- posting
Find & book vacation rentals with HomeAway. Rent everything from cabins & condos to castles or villas. The whole house. The whole family. A whole vacation.
Pand3m0nium 4 days after my, to be honest, quite brilliant answer. Still no response from the landowner.

Anybody up that doesn't have a job, and can torch the place?

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Stallion   you think they may of noticed :)
Meister   registered to NATO Warriors
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Stallion   about time
Pand3m0nium   dont tell me the marshmellow-man just got in :(
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