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Pand3m0nium   A fair bit of speculation. And by a fair bit I mean a lot. And by a lot, I mean all of it.
Pand3m0nium Thanks to Fraz for helping me out on Kodi!!!
Pand3m0nium I just got refunded 156 euro's by our land lord. To anybody on this site: it were to be a shame if his house for sale wasn't on the interwebs anymore. It were to be a shame if some, say jew, were to find them, and give them grief. It were to be a shame period.
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All Star Citizen forum posts will now be handled by RSI Spectrum itself, clicking on the Star Citizen link will now take you over to the new area. Or click me

WTF Is Spectrum?

Spectrum is a real-time communication web application built specifically for Star Citizen. Its motivation is to bring Star Citizen into your everyday lives. Spectrum allows you to communicate with other citizens whether you are playing the game, at work or on your mobile. Inspired by popular contemporary communication platforms, Spectrum has been built with the latest web technologies.

Spectrum’s focus is to facilitate community. The customization tools will make interaction within organizations agile and sophisticated. No longer will you have to go offsite for your org communication, you will have full access to private customizable chat lobbies, forums private rich chat and soon voice chat.

Spectrum will not only be a means of communication for the players with each other but for you to engage directly with community managers and developers.

For more info click me

Please Note the remaining forums are staying and only star citizen related chat will be handled on spectrum.

Bethesda's shooter sequel is almost ready for consumption with a plethora of supported options.
Published Oct 23, 2017
CCP finally adds HOTAS support with most popular setups now supported.
Published Oct 23, 2017
Ubisoft have released the preload and launch times for Assassin's Creed Origins, which differ depending on platform, and (on PC) store.
Published Oct 23, 2017
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